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In our podcast series, we take you behind the scenes and look at how the retail sector operates, how it's evolving, and who's shaping its future.

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July 13, 2023
Sennait Ghebreab, Academic Course Leader at Istituto Marangoni, on the fashion industry's shift towards sustainability and technology
Sennait discusses how the fields of fashion, sustainability, and retail are undergoing transformative changes. After shaping the business development landscape at Burberry, Matthew Williamson, Pringle, and Joseph, she broadened her horizons as the Academic Course Leader at Istituto Marangoni since 2015. We also delve into the book she co-authored with Sally Heale, 'Responsible Fashion Business in Practice.' Here, she reveals the genesis of her groundbreaking work, and we explore the exhilarating, sustainable future of fashion
April 25, 2023
Lily Froehlicher, MD of The Invisible Collection, on the future of interior design in retail spaces and how to stay competitive
Lily discusses interior design's impact on retail spaces and how a well-designed space can attract customers and create a competitive edge. She also emphasises the role of technology, highlighting the latest trends and innovations that can enhance the customer experience and boost sales. Finally, Lily talks about acquiring the B Corp certification, how to get it and why it is crucial
March 28, 2023
Laurent Piffaut, co-founder & CEO of Dweet, on why tech is essential for retail brands
We learn that in retail it’s not only about the concept but it’s mainly about the experience. We also discuss how much the fashion and luxury industries have changed in the past decade due to the e-commerce revolution, the emergence of social media and influencers, and the growing importance of social responsibility and sustainability...
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